Code of Conduct

The rules of conduct for library patrons is as follows:

I. The following activities are not allowed in the library:

  • Eating, drinking, or smoking.
  • Playing electronic equipment so that others can hear it.
  • Bringing animals into the library except those needed to assist a person with a disability.
  • Misusing the restrooms.
  • Leaving a child under the age of 10 unattended in the library.
  • Talking loudly, making noise or engaging in other disruptive conduct.
  • Interfering with another person’s use of the library or with the library staff’s performance of their duties.
  • Carrying a weapon into the library unless authorized by law. Any patron authorized to carry a weapon must notify library staff that he/she is carrying a weapon in the library.
  • Unusual behavior which might be related to drug or alcohol consumption or selling will be noted and reported to the proper authorities.
  • Using the library phone for any calls other than emergency calls home.

II. Shoes and shirts must be worn.

III. Library privileges may be denied for the following reasons:

  • Damaging library property.
  • Stealing library materials.
  • Physically harming library staff or patrons.
  • Threatening or persistently inappropriate behavior.
  • Violating any of our policies.

Approved 2/20/1996

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