Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Caraval is a magical 5 night game that happens once a year. Anything can happen while you’re on the island but you have to be invited and Scarlett has finally been invited. Scar receives 3 tickets in the mail, 1 for herself, 1 for┬áher fiance, and 1 for her sister Tella.

Tella is almost immediately kidnapped when they arrive at Caraval. All of the players must follow the clues and find her within 5 days or she dies. Whoever finds her first wins and this year’s prize is a wish, a wish for anything they could dream of.

You will find magic, murder, mystery, and romance all tied up nicely in this story. This is a darkly enchanting debut by Garber that is sure to pull readers into its clutches from page 1.

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