Pandemic Operations Plan

Pandemic Operations Plan
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In the event of a declared Public Health Emergency involving a communicable disease, the following protocols will take effect. These protocols override all conflicting policies to preserve and ensure the safety of staff and patrons.
1. Essential Employees:
a. Library Director. The Library Director is responsible for the overall administration of the library. The Director will need to be onsite to coordinate staffing and address employee concerns and questions. They need to be in contact with local officials, library trustees, and staff.
b. Assistant Director. The Assistant Director helps with the running of the library. The AD will need to be onsite to assist with coordination of staffing and assignation of duties. The AD will also need to be present for signing checks, approving payroll, and transfer of funds.
c. Account Clerk. The Account Clerk is in charge of the financial business of the library. The Account Clerk will need to be onsite to use the library’s accounting software, access our online accounts, cut checks, and so on.
d. Library Technician. The Library Technician is in charge of ordering and processing supplies for the library.
e. Children’s Services. Children’s Services will be responsible for assisting in the coordination of disinfection procedures.
f. Desk Clerks. Desk Clerks are responsible for finding and preparing materials for patrons. They will need to be onsite to offer curbside pickup of materials once we reach that point in our reopening plan. They will also disinfect returned materials.
All employees whose responsibilities include work that can be done offsite will be done remotely; staff will only be present on site for work that must be done at the library. For example: The Library Technician is in charge of all Social Media; that can be done remotely and does not require their presence in the building.

2. Employees who require equipment to complete their job remotely will be provided with library Chromebooks or laptops upon request.

3. To reduce potential exposure a new schedule will be distributed to all employees. No more than 5 people will be on site at any point in time. Employees will work staggered shifts. They will be assigned to work morning or afternoon shifts on alternating weeks. This is to minimize contact between employees should someone be exposed or test positive. Hours will be reduced. Mandatory online staff meetings will be scheduled via Zoom with increased frequency, staff will be paid for their attendance.

4. An adequate quantity of PPE will be kept on hand at all times. At minimum we will keep 2 unopened containers of gloves, masks, sanitizer, and cleaner on site.

An emergency exposure kit will be kept separately and contain an unopened box of gowns, masks, gloves, and foot covers for all staff. The kit will also contain disinfecting wipes and sanitizing spray. These supplies will be used to disinfect the building in the event an exposed person has been inside the building.

All PPE will be stored on shelves in the work room.

5. If an employee is exposed to, exhibits symptoms of, or tests positive for the disease they will need to immediately quarantine. The employee is to stay home and notify the Director via phone as soon as possible. They will need to quarantine for a minimum 7 days prior to retesting. They will be paid for missed shifts of their current schedule during their quarantine. Staff will need to provide a negative test result for the disease prior to returning to work. Employees who test positive for the disease or need a longer quarantine period will need to expend their sick PTO during weeks 3 and 4 of quarantine; the library will pay for whatever scheduled shifts PTO does not cover. Employees will need to file for FMLA, if eligible, or take unpaid leave for time needed over one month.

Any co-workers who were in contact with the infected or exposed employee will be notified by the Director and need to isolate and test negative prior to returning to work. Employees will be paid for their missed shifts if they are ready, willing, and able to work remotely. Quarantined staff may choose to use any sick PTO they have accrued instead of working remotely.

Upon notification of exposure in the library, the library will immediately close for 48 hours. After 24 hours, staff will enter the building and thoroughly disinfect the entire facility using required PPE: masks, gloves, gowns, foot covers, etc. All staff will be paid for missed shifts during the closure.

Staff who are not ill but are required to quarantine, will be paid for any missed shifts during their quarantine. Staff will be paid for missed shifts of their current schedule only if they are ready, willing, and able to work remotely. Prior to returning to work, staff will need to submit verification that they do not pose a risk to other employees from a physician or a negative test result. Should a longer quarantine period be necessary, staff will need to expend all sick PTO prior to the library paying for the remainder of missed shifts during quarantine weeks 3 and 4. Employees will need to file for FMLA, if eligible, or take unpaid leave for time needed over one month.

6. All staff who enter the building will be required to use the time clock to track their hours. Health screening will be performed at entry. Work completed remotely does not need to be recorded. This is solely for contact tracing purposes.

7. Safety Plan.

• All employees will need to wear masks or shields while in the building
• Staff will need to maintain a 6 foot distance whenever possible
• Breaks will be staggered to limit possible exposure
• Regularly wash hands for 30 seconds
• Use hand sanitizer after each transaction
• Limit shared surfaces and objects (i.e. pens, pencils, etc)
• Disinfect work space at the beginning and end of your shift
• Staff must have temperature recorded at start of shift
• Daily disinfection log kept
• Stay home if you are ill and/or exhibiting any symptoms

8. The library will follow the approved Closing/Re-Opening protocols. Phase entry will be determined based on guidance from the Governor, Department of Health, and Library Board.
a. Phase 1a: Closure
• Virtual services only
• No staff onsite
• Book drop open
• Wi-Fi available in parking lot
• Staff paid regular wages
b. Phase 1b: Staff Onsite
• Virtual services offered only
• Facility closed to public
• New schedules issued
• Book drop open
• Purchase additional digital content
• Returned materials are quarantined for 4 days
• Entire facility is cleaned and sanitized
• Reduced hours
• Keyboard covers placed on all shared computers
• Disinfection log kept for shared objects and surfaces
• Wi-Fi available in parking lot
• Masks required
c. Phase 2: Curbside Pickup
• Patrons may call, email, or place requests via the website for materials
• 3 items checked out per card per day
• Virtual services offered only
• Facility closed to public
d. Phase 3: Appointment only
• Patrons will be allowed to enter the building for 30 minutes
• Limited occupancy
• Patrons entering building must be screened (for contact tracing)
• No computers
• No meeting room
• No tables or chairs
• No onsite programming
• Disinfection of facility prior to next appointment time, log kept
• Curbside service continues
• Masks required
• Social distancing markers posted
• Acrylic sneeze guards installed around contact points
• Hand sanitizer required
• Public restrooms closed
• Public water fountain closed
• Hybrid self-checkout used
• Touchscreen covers installed on copier and credit card machines
• Reduced hours
e. Phase 4: Limited Opening
• Patrons allowed in building, no time limit
• Limited computers available
• Tables and chairs available
• No onsite programming
• No meeting room
• Curbside service continues
• Notary service resumes
• Social distancing required
• Masks required
• Hand sanitizer required
• No tutoring
• Public restrooms open
• No public water fountains
• Hybrid self-checkout used
• Reduced hours
f. Phase 5: Regular Hours
• Regular library hours resume
• Limited onsite programming resumes
• Curbside service continues for limited hours
• No meeting room
• Masks required
• Hand sanitizer required
• Social distancing required
• Public restrooms open
• Public water fountains closed
• Hybrid self-checkout used
• Donated materials accepted with 4 day quarantine
• Tutoring resumes (max 2 people per table)
g. Phase 6: New Normal Operations
• Regular hours
• Onsite programming
• No meeting room reservations until Pandemic ends
• Social distancing until Pandemic ends
• Masks required until Pandemic ends
• Hand sanitizer required until Pandemic ends
• Water fountains closed until Pandemic ends

Yellow Microcluster: Phase 2
Orange Microcluster: Phase 1b, 2
Red Microcluster: Phase 1a

Approved Oct 2020
Amended Jan 2021


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