Game Changer: John McLendon and the Secret Game by Coy


The year is 1944, the place, Durham North Carolina and history is about to be made.  At a time of widespread segregation and racism, an illegal basketball game is about to begin.  Two teams, one from a white college and one from the North Carolina College of Negroes face off on the court.

The game had to be held in secret and the bleachers were empty.  There had never been a basketball game between players of a different color in the part of the country.  If the authorities found out about the game, the coaches could have been fired and everyone involved could have been jailed.

But these two teams did play and the players learned much from each other.  A new way of playing basketball began that night. Although no one other than the players and coaches knew what happened, history was made that night by these brave individuals.

This is a thrilling book about a little known piece of basketball and civil rights history.

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