Medina Newspapers Online

Did you know that we have digitized the earliest newspapers in our collection? That’s right, the library is always open online! We have the Medina Tribune (1861-1945), the Medina Register (1882-1911), the Medina Daily Journal (1903-1932), and the Medina Daily Journal and Register (1932-1933) available online. The Medina Daily Journal and Register (1940-1974) and the Medina Journal Register (1974-2014) are available on microfilm only. Village minutes are also available on microfilm.

Each page has been scanned with OCR to make the pages text searchable. However, because a machine converted the images to text it isn’t always 100% correct. You can view the converted text by clicking on the text link at the top of the image or click on the pdf link and use the find tool (press ctrl and F on your keyboard) to have the computer search the text on the image. Once you find your information you can print or save the image as a jpg or pdf.

To see what is available right now click here or on the image above.

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