Oral History Interviews

Did you know that we have over 100 Oral History interviews and transcripts? Arden and Helen McAllister interviewed many prominent and/or influential citizens from the 1970’s and 1980’s. The goal of the project was to collect information about the historical development of Orleans County. Here are just a few names you might recognize Clifford H Wise, Josephine Tuttle, and Marshall Swett Loke.

An excerpt from the interview with Clifford H Wise:
“Private schools were held in homes in the early days, in the homes. Even before there were enough inhabitants for a school building, school was held in someone’s cabin to which the children of the area came to get their education. Sometimes they’d walk, sometimes they were brought in. But then finally the first public school was the old one story stone building at the rear of the Walsh Hotel, erected by Mr. John Ryan at a cost of $800.00.”

Transcripts are available for checkout and copies can be made of the recordings. For a complete list of our transcripts, click here and then open the Local History Cabinet 2 file. This list also includes our holdings of Audio and DVD interviews.

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