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In case you haven’t heard, Games of Thrones final season starts April 14th. Like many great tv shows and movies, it’s based on a book. George RR Martin started writing the series in 1996. Catch up on all the intrigue before the final season begins by rereading the books or rewatching the tv series; both are available for free at the library.

Many movies based on books are available to read at your local library including Bird Box, Umbrella Academy, Five Feet Apart, and Ferdinand. Can’t wait to find out what happens in Avengers: Endgame? You can read the comics now! Not to mention the books always have more information because they aren’t limited by a run time like a movie or tv show. Just want to watch the movie? No problem. You can probably borrow the DVD from the library. Most movies come out on DVD just 3 months after they release in the theatre.

Final Demand by Deborah Moggach

This is a page-turner! Very immediate, contemporary and absorbing.

Natalie works in the accounts department of a telecommunications company. She is young, attractive, bored, and short of money. A colleagues’ chance remark on how easy it would be to tamper with the checks she processes plants the seed of a nefarious idea in her mind. Just one minor detail before she can begin…she needs to change her initials. Natalie is a determined young lady and very thorough in her preparations. The details of her scheme are so very plausible.

But, there’s no such thing as the perfect crime. Or the victimless crime. One small oversight on Natalie’s part causes distress in the lives of others….and sadly, tragedy for one family. Wracked by guilt, the victim’s father makes the Final Demand of Natalie. How does this self-absorbed young woman respond?

Downfall by J.A. Jance

Sheriff Joanna Brady is going through a lot in her life. She just solved the murder of her mother and step-father. Now she has to arrange their funerals while solving a double murder. On top of that, Joanna’s pregnant and her oldest daughter is going off to college.

Two women are found dead at the bottom of the locally known Geronimo peak, about a 400 ft climb. As the investigation kicks off, no connections can be found between the women so who was the target and who was in the wrong place at the wrong time? One is a graduate student and the other is a high school teacher, what possible motive would someone have to kill either one?

This is a great addition to the Brady series, set in beautiful Arizona. Having never read any of the others, I found it very easy to read as a standalone. Any background information I needed was provided. I definitely enjoyed the mystery, I didn’t know who it was until the Sheriff Brady figured it out for me! The storyline does include a controversial subject, teacher-student relationships, but it wasn’t graphic.

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