Quit Calling Me a Monster by John

What’s a guy have to do to convince everyone to stop calling him a monster? Sure, he has claws and maybe he does have scary teeth that glow in the dark but it hurts his feelings when everyone calls him a monster.

Even monsters have a name, you know. This fun and silly romp sends a clear message, nobody likes being called names (even if you technically are a monster). Just because you have a great monster roar doesn’t mean you aren’t a good guy.

The Cranky Ballerina by Gravel


Today is ballet class day and Ada greets the day with a scowl. She doesn’t like her tutu, she despises her leotard, and things don’t get any better when she gets to class. Her pirouette is a disaster and ultimately causes her to careen out of control right out of class.

Luckily for Ada, she lands right in front of a man who seems to be dressed in his pajamas. He asks her to demonstrate her technique for his class. They love her pirouette! This is no dance class but it is where Ada belongs.

The Littlest Bigfoot by Weiner


Alice is starting in yet another new school, her eighth school in seven years.  Lately, she has spent her days trying to disappear.  She slumps, she hunches, and tries to hide her large feet and tame her wild hair. Her parents have given up trying to understand her and she has never made a friend.

Now Alice is being sent off to The Experimental Center for Love and Learning, a boarding school in upstate New York.  The school promises to be a place where everyone can learn from each other with “an atmosphere of inclusivity and respect, where hierarchies are nonexistent, where age and grades don’t matter as much as the understanding that we all have things to learn from one another.”  Alice wonders if the school was as weird as it sounds.

Although Alice is not yet aware, this is going to be a year like no other.  This will be the year she makes a friend who shares so many of the same problems as Alice.  Her new friend, from across the lake, has no friends.  Many members of her tribe feel she is a danger to the community and has crazy ideas about the direction the tribe should take into the future. Millie even feels it would be beneficial to make contact with the no-furs across the lake.

The Littlest Bigfoot is a story of understanding and embracing one’s uniqueness.  The story explores what makes a friendship and the responsibilities that go along with being a true friend and a valuable part of a larger community.

The Water Princess by Verde


Every morning, you turn on the faucet and get a drink of water.  You brush your teeth, you take a shower.  Water is easy, water is everywhere.  Not in the world of the Water Princess.  Her kingdom is the African sky and she has many powers.  But even she cannot command the water.

Each morning before the sun is even up; Princess Gie Gie and her mother walk many miles to collect water for the day’s use.  They are not alone at the watering hole; there are many others, some who walk even further than Gie Gie.  She wonders “Why is the water so far?”

Based on the childhood experience of African Model Georgie Badiel, this is a touching story of a world many have no familiarity with.  Georgie is the founder of the Georgie Baiel Foundation, which works with Ryan’s Well, another foundation working to bring clean water to many communities in Africa.

What a beautiful morning by Arthur A. Levine

Summer days at his grandparent’s house are the best for Noah.  They began with a booming song and just got better as the day went on. “What’s on the docket today?” Grandpa always asked.  And the docket was always jammed with fun things to do together.

But one day, Grandpa began to change.  Grandpa didn’t remember to ask what was on the docket.  He began to forget how to do simple things and one day, he didn’t even know who Noah was.  Angry, frightened and confused, Noah runs out of the house.

With the help of his Grandmother, he learns to accept the changes and to find new ways to “complete the docket”.  This touching story is sure to warm your heart.

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