The Young Clementina by D.E. Stevenson

Image may contain: one or more people and textTruly a gem! Published in 1938, this is the story of Charlotte Dean, a young lady who has become resigned to her lonely life in London as a spinster who works as a poorly paid assistant in a dusty travel library. Could anything be more boring? Charlotte’s first-person narrative of the background to her situation is completely absorbing. And then, things change! Dramatically! A very satisfying story, well told.
Many of this author’s novels are now being re-published as a new generation of readers are discovering the delight of her heartwarming stories.

Super Max and the Mystery of Thornwood’s Revenge By Susan Vaught

A vengeful miser, a series of damaging social media tweets, and one angry and determined girl all add up to a satisfying fast paced mystery.

Max lives in the small town of Blue Creek with her grandfather, the Chief of Police. We meet Max as she is doing penance for starting a fire. Max laments, “Superheroes should never be grounded”. Her Grandfather, Toppy, disagrees. She spends her days, under supervision, trying to soup-up her wheelchair in his workshop. She’s also made to write reports on the sappiest shows you have ever seen. Max is frustrated, angry, and in her mind, completely misunderstood.

Just as her punishment is over, the Mayor calls to complain about Toppy’s Facebook page.  She is furious over the damaging things he is saying about the Mayor and town. The only problem is – he doesn’t have a Facebook page.  Toppy calls Facebook a “bunch of cat pictures and whining”. So who has made the Facebook page and is posting things he would never say? This is just the beginning a series of incidents in the town that soon escalate to dangerous levels for everyone involved.

Joining forces with her best friend, Lavender, Max is soon on the case. It is soon apparent to everyone that the town is under the curse of Thornwood’s Revenge, brought on by the town’s former richest citizen. A cruel and greedy man who blamed every misfortune on others, it is said that he cursed the town before its death. From beyond the grave, he is destroying the town and Toppy is the first victim.

Max is determined to solve the mystery, avoid ever talking to her absent mother, regain Toppy’s trust, and to never let any obstacle get in her way. She is smart, stubborn, and impetuous. She is also fiercely loyal to her friends and town. She soon learns that things are not always what they seem and revenge is a nasty business indeed.

This well written book is recommended for ages 8 – 12.

Final Demand by Deborah Moggach

This is a page-turner! Very immediate, contemporary and absorbing.

Natalie works in the accounts department of a telecommunications company. She is young, attractive, bored, and short of money. A colleagues’ chance remark on how easy it would be to tamper with the checks she processes plants the seed of a nefarious idea in her mind. Just one minor detail before she can begin…she needs to change her initials. Natalie is a determined young lady and very thorough in her preparations. The details of her scheme are so very plausible.

But, there’s no such thing as the perfect crime. Or the victimless crime. One small oversight on Natalie’s part causes distress in the lives of others….and sadly, tragedy for one family. Wracked by guilt, the victim’s father makes the Final Demand of Natalie. How does this self-absorbed young woman respond?

This is Our Story by Elston

5 boys walked into the woods but only 4 came out. The 4 who lived won’t say what happened and the DA just wants the case to go away; they have powerful families with political ties. Kate, however, wants to find the truth. A boy is dead after all. Kate and the prosecutor she works for are determined to figure it out even when it puts their own lives at risk.

Our teen reviewer had this to say, “this book grabbed my attention right from the first sentence and held on with a death grip until the last word. I loved it.”

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