Medina Newspapers Online

Did you know that we have digitized the earliest newspapers in our collection? That’s right, the library is always open online! We have the Medina Tribune (1861-1945), the Medina Register (1882-1911), the Medina Daily Journal (1903-1932), and the Medina Daily Journal and Register (1932-1933) available online. The Medina Daily Journal and Register (1940-1974) and the Medina Journal Register (1974-2014) are available on microfilm only. Village minutes are also available on microfilm.

Each page has been scanned with OCR to make the pages text searchable. However, because a machine converted the images to text it isn’t always 100% correct. You can view the converted text by clicking on the text link at the top of the image or click on the pdf link and use the find tool (press ctrl and F on your keyboard) to have the computer search the text on the image. Once you find your information you can print or save the image as a jpg or pdf.

To see what is available right now click here or on the image above.

Ask Us 24/7

Ask Us 24/7We participate in an international group of online librarians known as Ask Us 24/7. Librarians are always available to help with any question you may have, from why won’t my card work to where can I find articles about fascism. We can help you find the answer to your homework, your research question, or trivia about what interests you.

This service is available for free to everyone. You do not need a library card to use it. You may be speaking to your local librarian or someone in California or even England. If you have a question specific to your library card and the librarian you are chatting with cannot help you they will email your question to your local library. Then your local librarian will email you with assistance, so make sure to include your email when you enter the chat.

Comics Plus

LY5347_ComicsPlus_GatewayDid you know we have comics and graphic novels available for you to read online? Our newest collection, ComicsPlus just became available to our patrons. It has over 13,000 titles available all the time. You get each title for 7 days before it automatically returns itself. If you weren’t done, you can just check it out again. You will never need to place a hold.

To get started, click on the image above. Once the link opens create an account using your Lee-Whedon library card number. Then enjoy full access to this wonderful collection. Popular titles include Bone, Adventure Time, and Ninjago. The collection contains titles and content for all age groups, from children to adults.

ComicsPlus compliments Zinio for popular magazines and Overdrive for eBooks and eAudiobooks. Let us know what you think!

Lee-Whedon Never Closes

Lee-Whedon Library logo emblem colorAs a community resource, the library has a fantastic collection of books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, CDs, and microfilm available for free everyday. However, we also have many of those things available online. Our online collections are available to you 24/7 even when the physical library is closed. Here is a brief overview of what you can do with just your library card!

Mango Languages – you can learn a new language at your own pace. You can choose from 13 different languages including Farsi, Spanish, and Latin. You must have a Lee-Whedon card to access this.

Overdrive eBooks/eAudiobooks РDownload up to 5 books at a time for 2 weeks. Books automatically return themselves at the end of your borrowing time. Some titles are only available to Lee-Whedon cardholders.

Freegal – Download 5 songs per week, all music is from Sony labels. You can keep these songs forever. Put them on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or mp3 player.

Zinio РDownload free magazines, as many and as frequently as you want. We have the most popular magazines including Everyday with Rachael Ray,  Newsweek, O, and DIY.

Digital Sanborn – Access to the Sanborn Fire Maps is now even easier. You can zoom in and out and print them right from home. You must have a Lee-Whedon card to access this.

Medina Historic Newspapers – We currently have the earliest of the Medina area newspapers online. We are planning to add the 1940’s and 50’s soon.

AskUs 24/7 – This is an online chat service. A librarian is always available to help you with any question you might have, homework, research, or just a random question you’re curious about.

Comics Plus – This is our newest collection and will be available on September 1st. You get access to over 13,000 comics and graphic novels, including DC Comics. Each comes with a suggested age range as the collection contains everything from children’s to adult titles. Checkout as many as you want!

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