Quit Calling Me a Monster by John

What’s a guy have to do to convince everyone to stop calling him a monster? Sure, he has claws and maybe he does have scary teeth that glow in the dark but it hurts his feelings when everyone calls him a monster.

Even monsters have a name, you know. This fun and silly romp sends a clear message, nobody likes being called names (even if you technically are a monster). Just because you have a great monster roar doesn’t mean you aren’t a good guy.

Boats for Papa by Bagley


A quiet read about Buckley and his mama, who live by the shore of the sea.  Buckley’s father went to sea, and didn’t come home.  So Buckley makes boats that he slips into the sea believing that if they don’t come back, they’ve found their way to his Papa.

This is a sweet book about love, loss and the importance of moving on. Appropriate for ages 4-8.

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