Ash Princess by Sebastian

Theodosia, or as she is forced to be called Thora, is the Artemisian princess whose throne was cruelly stolen. The Kalovaxians have taken over her country, murdered her mother, and punish her for any perceived misbehavior by her people. When she is forced to kill her own father, Theodosia realizes she cannot continue on in this manner. She will no longer calmly accept that this is her life. The rebels help her to escape, she makes friends and allies along the way.

Political intrigue, colonization, magic,and a strong female protagonist make this a compelling read. Fans of Sabaa Tahir and Victoria Aveyard will devour this in hours.

A List of Cages by Roe

Senior Adam Blake is interning for the school’s psychologist as an elective. Can it get any easier? He spends most of his time texting friends. When the psychologist asks him to find a student who is dodging her, everything changes for Adam. Julian used to be Adam’s foster brother but things have not gone well for Julian. Adam is determined to help him, why does he hide during the school day and why won’t he talk about his home life?

Our teen reviewer felt this book was “incredibly realistic and sad.” This is a good choice for fans of realistic fiction. It is for more mature readers as it delves into issues of abuse and mental health.

This is Our Story by Elston

5 boys walked into the woods but only 4 came out. The 4 who lived won’t say what happened and the DA just wants the case to go away; they have powerful families with political ties. Kate, however, wants to find the truth. A boy is dead after all. Kate and the prosecutor she works for are determined to figure it out even when it puts their own lives at risk.

Our teen reviewer had this to say, “this book grabbed my attention right from the first sentence and held on with a death grip until the last word. I loved it.”

Extraordinary October by Diana Wagman

Extraordinary October is about the very ordinary October Fetterhoff. In her senior of high school, October is a loner. She doesn’t belong to any clubs, groups, or sports teams. But like most high schoolers she wishes for something different, something extraordinary to happen.

Just days before October’s 18th birthday weird things start happening. A burning itch that can’t be explained, running faster than a normal human should be able to, and animals talking to her… During the course of the next few days October discovers she is not who she always thought she was nor are her parents who they said they were.

This story is filled with mystery, magic, fairies, trolls, romance, and betrayal. Can October manage to live to her 18th birthday? Can she rescue her kidnapped dad and find her missing mother? Can she stop the evil doer and set the world to rights? An easy, light read for any fantasy fan. At just over 250 pages this is a short book that would be great for a day at the beach.