New DVDs at LW

Image result for dvd'sThe fall season premieres of all your favorite shows are just around the corner! Make sure to catch up on last season or binge watch the whole series before the new premiere. We just received House of Cards season 4, Orphan Black season 4, Fjallbacka Murders season 1 & 2. We also have the latest Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, Vera, The French Village and so many more. What do we have coming soon? Kay & Peele, Broadchurch, Empire, Poldark, and Games of Thrones to name just a few!

Based on the Book

Not only hbooks1ave there been a slew of movies based on books made recently but also television series. Summer is a great time to read up and see what might be happening in the next season. Or if you’ve never read the books, you can start now! Here are just a few shows you might recognize:

  • The BBC series Sherlock and the CBS series Elementary are based on the Arthur Conan Doyle series.
  • Outlander on Starz is based on the Diana Gabaldon series.
  • Game of Thrones on HBO is based on the George R Martin series.
  • Justified on FX is based on the Elmore Leonard’s short story, Fire in the Hole.
  • Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family is based on the Sara Shepard series.
  • The Descendants on Disney Channel is based on the Disney book.

Each of these books and the DVDs of the shows are available at the library. Our staff would love to help you find the book your favorite show is based on, provided it is based on a book, so stop by today!

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