Hardcore Twenty-Four by Evanovich

This is the 24th book in Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. Evanovich always writes a fun book and this one is no different. Stephanie is contending with Diesel, Ranger, and Morelli all “courting” her, for lack of a better term. Then throw in a bunch of zombies, her grandmother’s online dating, and babysitting a 50 pound boa constrictor and you have fun, light read.

Someone is stealing brains from dead bodies in funeral homes. Then they escalate and starting killing people for their brains. Rumors abound of zombies running around Trenton, NJ. But are they really zombies? And why do they all smell like carnations? Join Stephanie and her best friend, Lula, as they get pulled into another mystery.

You really can read this as a standalone, it’s fairly easily to figure out the dynamics between the various characters. As with most of Evanovich’s books, this is a funny, thriller sure to find a wide audience.

The Templar’s Code by C.M. Palov

9047183The Templar’s Code is a well written suspense novel, similar in vein to Dan Brown or Steve Berry. Caedmon Aisquith is our determined protagonist on the hunt for the Emerald tablet, an artefact that could kill off the entire population of the world. He and girlfriend Edie Miller traipse across the East Coast of the US and London following the clues left behind by Benjamin Franklin and several founders of the USA. Conspiracy theories, murder, arson, car chases and more make this book hard to put down.

This is the second in a series of 4 books which I didn’t know when I picked it up. However, I had no trouble following the story line; it could easily be read as a standalone. My only issue was how naive Caedmon was about the danger they were in, as a former agent of MI5 I just expected a little more common sense. It didn’t deter me from reading on and I easily finished it in a few days. Recommended for anyone who enjoys a good thriller.

Night Watch by Iris & Roy Johansen

Kendra Michaels’ adventures continue in the fourth book of the series. Dr. Waldridge, the man who gave her the ability to see, is in trouble. He wouldn’t say why he flew from England to California, he seems on edge, and then he told her it was safer if she didn’t know. Now he’s disappeared and apparently hired himself a PI to find a colleague beforehand. Lynch is willing to help but he comes with complications that Kendra doesn’t want to deal with yet.

The research which led to Kendra’s ability to see used stem cells to repair her eyes. As Kendra delves deeper she discovers the program has been turned in a new direction. A less helpful direction.

This is another solid suspense novel to add to your reading shelf.

Paper and Fire by Rachel Caine

Paper and Fire is the second book in the Great Library series. In the future the Great Library controls access to all information. Every citizen has a tablet and they can instantly call up access to whatever information they want. Except if that information is deemed unacceptable by the Great Library. Automatons guard buildings and act of their own accord attacking people they deem a danger or threat. Those in power are corrupt and when they feel threatened people inevitably die.

Jess Brightwell and his friends have decided they don’t like the corruption at the center of the Great Library. They are willing to risk their lives to put an end to it; some will die for it. The characters are wonderfully fleshed out and you will immediately become attached to them. This dark and riveting story will have you immediately wishing for the next book in the series to appear. Highly recommended!

Beyond the Ice Limit by Preston & Child

In this sequel to Ice Limit, we learn the fate of the mysterious comet lost in the Arctic. Eli Glinn, Mr Lloyd, and their crew dropped it into the Arctic Ocean when their ship sank, killing most of the crew. It turns out the comet was an alien seed and now its growing under the water. 5 years later Glinn has gotten the money and a new crew to go back and kill the alien seed. Gideon has joined on as the explosives expert, they are hoping a nuclear bomb will kill it. But they have no idea what they are up against. The alien is much more intelligent and cunning than they anticipated.

This is a good suspenseful story, written in the typical style of Preston & Child. You can certainly read it without reading the first book; the back story is explained so I don’t think I missed anything from not having read it. The sci-fi element should not deter any non-sci-fi readers from picking up a copy. The alien lifeform could have just as easily been an unknown Earth based creature. A great read for anyone looking for an underwater thriller!

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