Invisible Fault Lines by Kristen-Paige Madonia

Callie’s father went off to work on Tuesday, it should have been like any other Tuesday but it wasn’t. Callie’s father never came home. No one knows where he is and Callie decides to investigate. At an exhibit for the 1906 San Francisco earthquake she sees a photo that has someone who looks quite a lot like her father. Could it be an ancestor or something more? Callie becomes obsessed with the earthquake, researching every detail she can find.

This is an honest, sensitive story about the struggle of a teenager after the sudden loss of her father and her journey towards acceptance. However, our teen reviewer felt the book could have had better editing. It was “written like the author was trying to reach a word count.”


Into the Dim by Taylor

An anxiety ridden teenager, Hope, is sent to Scotland to spend the summer with family she has never met. Her mother was tragically killed in an earthquake. Her dad has a new girlfriend and they just buried an empty coffin. Maybe the time away will help her cope.

When Hope arrives at the family estate, she quickly discovers her family are members of a secret society of time travelers. Then she finds out her mother may not be dead. Nope she is trapped in twelfth century England and Hope is going to go back in time to save her. She only has 72 hours to find her mom but her traveling companions may have other ideas of what needs to be done.

Betrayal, romance, history, and adventure aptly describe what will likely be book 1 in a series. Fans of Outlander will certainly be drawn into this book as there are a few similarities: Scotland, lodestones, ley lines and time travel. This was a quick and easy read, you don’t need any historical knowledge. It quickly grabs your attention and doesn’t let go until the end. An ending that leaves you wondering about what will happen next. Into the Dim releases on March 1st so make sure to add it to your must read list!

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