1891 Medina

Did you know that Bent’s Opera House held a standing room only Prohibition Meeting? The Prohibition candidate for Governor, Hon. J.W. Bruce, came to Medina to gain support for his party and for himself. As the Prohibition candidate he expounded on the negative consequences of alcohol consumption.

Also giving a speech that evening was the Rev. O.H. Mead, a Baptist pastor. The reverend gave his full support for the gubernatorial candidate and the Prohibition party. The reporter at the event stated “Mr. Mead made an earnest appeal for the Prohibition cause, and his speech will long be remembered by all who heard it.”

To find this article and more, visit the Medina Historic Newspapers website, hosted by NYS Historic Newspapers. Each scanned page is available as computer transcribed text, a text searchable pdf, or a png image.

The article referenced above ran in the Medina Register on October 22nd, 1891.

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