Vampire Empire by Griffith

It has been a while since I have been so enamored with a book as to want to recommend it, so transported to a place that I didn’t want to leave it.  The name of the series requires you to throw out your preconceived “oh it’s another vampire book” notion and focus on the Empire part of the title. It’s a pulp fiction, steam punk altered world but don’t pigeon hole your borders. This series is rich in politics, characters and place. Written by a husband and wife team you will be launched into a future of humans trying to rebuild their world after the war called “the Great Killing”.

Yes, there are airships, goggles (worn by the main character Greyfriar to protect his identity), vampire clans, and kings. Heroes and heroines abound plus several villains, including the one trying to marry into the Equatorian Empire Royalty. And another trying to assassinate Princess Adele, next in line to be Empress of Equatoria. Who can you trust? Sword play, geomancy, and adventure abound. If you love the action in Pirates of the Caribbean, the mystery and intrigue of post apocalyptic London and Edinburgh, and a good old fashioned forbidden love, not to mention a story that actually has the good guys winning a few, then this series is for you. Who is the Greyfriar? Whose side is he really on? I found myself wanting to take an airship to Edinburgh and spend some time with these people. Unfortunately, I had to be gently reminded, “they aren’t real” Oh….

Guest reviewer, Mitzi

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