WNY Wednesdays with A.L. Swett

mhs-swett-electricToday is WNY Wednesday. What is that you might be asking yourself. Well let me tell you, WNY Wednesday is when we focus on things of local interest. We will be highlighting our local history collection, books, dvds, maps, and online resources. We will also be highlighting local organizations and their collections and events.

This week the focus is on the A.L Swett Electric Light and Power Co. A community member recently donated a fantastic collection of ledgers which show the accounts at Swett Electric from approximately 1880-1910. Additionally, we have newspaper articles and Village of Medina Board Minutes which discuss the building of the dam, the cost for the street lamps, and more. There are several books about Medina history which discuss the Swett Electric Co. too. All of our materials are available to the public; however, most of this collection must be used in the library.

A kiosk was created at Glenwood Lake by a local boy scout working on his Eagle Scout project. Inside you will find information about the lake, Swett, and his company. The Medina Historical Society has some great photographs, we have copies of several including the one shown here.

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