Library Card

To receive a library card, you must live or work within the NIOGA library system: Niagara, Orleans, and Genesee counties. We need picture identification with your current address. If your identification does not have your current address, we will need a piece of mail with your name and current address. Getting a library card means you agree to be responsible for returning your items on time and in the same condition that you received them in. Effective July 1, 2023, late fines will no longer be charged. We do ask that items get returned in a timely manner. If after 28 days, an item checked out has still not been returned,  a replacement fee will be charged. Once the item is returned, that fee will be removed. Lost and damaged items will still be charged the full replacement value. 
By using the library and its services, you agree to follow our code of conduct.

During the pandemic, we are offering online sign up for library cards. Click on Contact Us, found at the top of the webpage. Please provide your full name, address, date of birth, phone number, and email address. We will email you your card information. If you need a replacement card, please provide the same information and we will issue you a new card, free of charge.

  • Your first library card is free. If you lose your card the first replacement will cost $1.00. The second time a card is replaced it will cost $3.00. All further replacement cards will cost $5.00.  If your card has been worn by use and is no longer readable, a new card will be given to you at no charge.
  • Your library card will expire every two years. Staff need to verbally verify your contact information in order to  renew your card. If you move or get a new phone number please let us know.