Tax Forms

taxesDoes Lee-Whedon have tax forms?

Between January and April, we have most tax forms available free of charge.


Do you have instruction booklets?

We have NYS instruction booklets.  The Federal Government no longer provides printed instruction booklets for all federal forms.  If you need a federal instruction booklet you will need to go the the Federal Tax site to print one.


Can I download my tax forms?

Yes, forms can be downloaded from the NYS Tax Forms site or the Federal Tax Forms  site.


Is there a fee for the online tax forms?

Electronic income tax forms are available free of charge from the New York State Department of Taxation or the IRS.  You can print these forms for free at home or at the library for a fee.  Instructions are also provided for each form.


Will you help me with my taxes?

No, Lee-Whedon’s staff is not qualified to offer any tax advice. We cannot tell you what form you need or how to fill it out.

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