Memorials and Donations to the library

Leave a lasting memory of a loved one or honor someone in a distinctive way.  A book will be purchased and a bookplate attached to the inside front cover.  An acknowledgement card will be sent to the family. Monetary donations to support the library can also be made. In-person donations and memorials can be made with cash, card, or check.


Mailing Memorials

Fill out the Memorial Form and mail it with your check to:

Lee-Whedon Memorial Library
620 West Avenue
Medina, NY 14103


Mailing Donations

You can send a check to the above address for donations to support the library.


Online Donations or Memorials

We also accept online payments through Paypal. When making an online memorial please include the following information: name of the person you are donating for, name and address of where you want the acknowledgment sent to, and your contact information in the note space. Click the link below for online payment.