How many computers are available?

We have 6 public access computers; they all have the same software. To get on the computer, sit down with your library card and follow the on screen directions.


I don’t live in the area, can I use a computer?

Yes. We will issue any out of area (not residing in Niagara, Orleans or Genesee counties) residents a guest pass.


What software is available?

Each computer has Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint.


How long can I use a computer?

You have 1 hour time limit. If no one is waiting then you may log back on for another hour. To use the computer for more than 2 sessions, you will need to ask for staff assistance.


Do you use filtering software?

No. However, we do have terms of use that you agree to abide by when signing onto our computers.  For more information, click here.


Can I save stuff onto your computers?

Projects cannot be saved on our public computers. You must bring or purchase a flash drive in order to save your work. Our computers delete all files after each session when the computer restarts.


How much to print?

Black & white is 15 cents per page and color is 50 cents per page.


Do you have Wi-Fi and how do I use it?

Yes, all you need is a Wi-Fi capable device. There are no passwords to connect to our WiFi and it is an unsecured connection. Just choose Lee-Whedon from the list of available networks and you should connect automatically. While connected you are agreeing to our Wi-Fi terms and policies. View Lee-Whedon’s wireless policy.


Can I print from my laptop or device?

Yes. You can either download the PrinterOn app or print from our weblink.

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