We have 6 Chromebox public access computers. To get on the computer, sit down and follow the on screen directions. You do not need a library card to use these computers. You have a 2 hour time limit. These computers run Chrome OS and do not have Microsoft programs loaded on them. Google Docs/Sheets are compatible with office suite programs. You can also create a free Office 365 account if you prefer. Chrome is the only browser available. We do not use filtering software; however, we do have terms of use that you agree to abide by when signing onto our computers. We  have 2 Windows computers available for Office and Firefox access. To read our internet computer use policy please visit the Policies page.

Saving work

Projects cannot be saved on our public computers. You must bring or purchase a flash drive in order to save your work. You can also save files to your Google Drive or another online application. Our computers restart after each session ends and delete all files and changes made to the computer.


Black & white is 15 cents per page and color is 50 cents per page. You can also print from your own device using Mobile Print by simply emailing your document to, and then releasing your print job from inside the library.  


There are no passwords to connect to our WiFi; it is an unsecured connection. Just choose LeeWhedon, LibraryWiFi, or LeeWhedon_EXT from the list of available networks and you should connect automatically. While connected you are agreeing to our Wi-Fi terms and policies. Wi-fi is available 24/7.