Does the library have resources for educators?

Yes, we have many resources for educators in grades pre-K – 12.  Our collection enhances teacher and student resources already available through the school system.


I am doing a class project, can you pull books for my students?

Yes, please fill out the assignment form and e-mail it to You can also fax the form to 585-798-4398. We will do our best to have resources ready and available for your students.  In addition to the resources below, many informative online collections and databases are available from our website.


Do you have a reference service?

Yes, any staff member can assist with reference questions.  We also participate in AskUs 24/7, an online service to help you answer or find the answers to any question even when we are closed.


Can you help me pick out books to read in class?

Just fill out this short questionnaire and we will send you a list of titles that may be of interest to you.


What types of resources are available for students?

We have books, music, videos, kits, and other resources to supplement your educational materials.


Do you have any resources that I can print out for students or parents?

We have Parenting ResourcesOnline Math Help, and Online Databases available as PDFs.


Do you have any educational magazines?

We currently subscribe to Mailbox, Kids Discover, Cobblestone, and National Geographic Kids.


Do you have any kits that I could check out?

Yes, we have story-based kits and book discussion kits. Story-based kits include picture books, activities and more.  Book discussion kits include multiple copies of a chapter book, a folder of activities and more. These kits are owned and kept at NIOGA so please allow time for us to receive your kit, 1 week. Call or e-mail the library for information on how to borrow these kits.

History Kits

By the People:
Helping American History Come Alive!
A Directory of Prepackaged Program Kits on American History Kits

Story-Based Programs

Bound for America
The Road to Freedom and Unity with Abraham Lincoln
Reading Road Trip USA

Book Discussion Programs NYS History

Early Settlement
The Erie Canal
The Underground Railroad
World War II

American History Timeline

The American Revolution
The First Factories:  The Early Labor Movement
World War I
The Dust Bowl

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